12 January 2016

The French national digital security strategy, announced October 16th, 2015 by French Prime Minister Manuel Valls, is designed to support the digital transition of French society. It is also an unprecedented impulse that places France as a leader in promoting a road map for European digital strategic autonomy.

The ANSSI security Visa by the French National Cybersecurity Agency

22 January 2018

The Agence nationale de la sécurité des systèmes d’information (ANSSI) launches the « security Visa », a brand designed to highlight the French approach to qualification and certification of security solutions. During his press conference at the International cybersecurity forum (FIC), Guillaume Poupard, Director of ANSSI, will present for the first time the security Visa.

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“End-to-End Active Learning for Computer Security Experts” – AICS workshop

2 February 2018

Labelling a dataset for supervised learning is particularly expensive in computer security as expert knowledge is required for annotation. Some research works rely on active learning to reduce the labelling cost, but they often assimilate annotators to mere oracles providing ground-truth labels. (Pas en italique, ce n’est pas un chapeau. Fait partie de l’abstract.) Most […]

Best current practices for acquiring and using domain names

17 November 2017

Domain names enable the association of a computer resource such as an IP address to a user-friendly readable and easy-to-remember name, such as Recent news showed that domain name service providers are significant risk vectors. Their compromise can lead to traffic and e-mail interception, denial of service, or even website defacement. The stakes related […]

Guideline for a healthy information system in 42 measures

13 October 2017

This new edition has been updated as regards both new and growing technologies and practices, which must be addressed in terms of security (mobile working, separation of uses, etc.) and also the introduction of tools (indicators of a standard or strengthened level) to enlighten the reader in the appreciation of the specified measures. Although the […]

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