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Latest news

  • CERTA becomes CERT-FR

    The ANSSI’s core missions are to detect and early react to cyber attacks aiming at impairing the French sovereignty. In an effort to reflect the new realities of cyber attacks in their numbers, (...) - 23 Jan 2014

  • Revocation of an IGC/A branch

    As a result of a human error which was made during a process aimed at strengthening the overall IT security of the French Ministry of Finance, digital certificates related to third-party domains (...) - 7 Déc 2013

  • Abusing anti-DDoS mechanisms to perform DNS cache poisoning

    Authors : Florian Maury, Mathieu Feuillet; DNS OARC Fall Workshops conference 2013. - 11 Oct 2013

  • The ANSSI guide 40 Essential measures for a healthy network has been published

    The protection of IT data and your company's network is crucial to enhance your competitiveness and strength. Furthermore, the safeguarding of confidential information from your partners and (...) - 9 Oct 2013

  • French Internet resilience

    The French Network and Information Security Agency (FNISA) and the French Network Information Center (AFNIC) have recently published a detailed report on the French Internet resilience. This (...) - 11 Jan 2013


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