12 January 2016

The French national digital security strategy, announced October 16th, 2015 by French Prime Minister Manuel Valls, is designed to support the digital transition of French society. It is also an unprecedented impulse that places France as a leader in promoting a road map for European digital strategic autonomy.

“Stronger together” – ANSSI1 successfully took part in pan-European exercice Cyber Europe 16

21 October 2016

Coordinated by Enisa2, Cyber Europe is the largest and most comprehensive EU cyber-security exercise up to date. All 28 Member States, as well as Switzerland and Norway (EFTA)3, were to face coordinated cyber-attacks during two days.

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BGP configuration best practices

22 March 2016

It is intended first and foremost for BGP router administrators, as well as for those familiar with the BGP deployment architectures. Readers who would like information about the BGP protocol may refer to the report from the French observatory of Internet resilience.

The Infinitely Delegating Name Servers (iDNS) Attack

22 February 2016

The French Network and Information Security Agency (ANSSI) identified a critical vulnerability in the three major open-source DNS recursive nameservers : BIND, Unbound and PowerDNS Recursor. This vulnerability allows attackers to perform denial of service attacks against the vulnerable implementations or to take advantage of the vulnerable implementations to perform distributed denial of service attacks […]

Recommendations for securing networks with IPsec

4 September 2015

As these building blocks can be critical to an IT system, the data they exchange can also be highly critical. These streams include a lot of sensitive data (authentication data, confidential business information, industrial control systems commands…). The interception or alteration of such sensitive ata by potentially malicious individuals are significant risks in a context […]