In order to conduct its diverse range of missions, ANSSI is organised into four departments.

François Deruty, Head of Department, Operational Centre.

Portrait François Deruty 


Vincent Strubel, Head of Department, Expertise.

portrait V. StrubelVincent Strubel holds the title of Chief Engineer of the Corps des Mines. He has pursued his career entirely within ANSSI. He held the position of R&D engineer from 2005, prior to being appointed team leader in 2009, at the head of a team of ten individuals conducting research and prototyping activities in a cutting edge technical field. From 2012 onwards, he continued this activity as head of the research division within the department with around fifty staff members. He has held the position of Head of Department since 2014.


Marc Yolin, Head of Department, Secure Information Systems.

Portrait Marc YolinMarc Yolin is a member of the Corps des Mines. He began his career in 1997 in the IT Directorate of the French Home Office, first as manager in charge of e-mail systems, then as deputy head of the Networks Department and as the French IT representative in the Standing Committee for Information Technology of the International Criminal Police Organization Interpol.
In 2004, he joins the General Secretariat for National Defence as deputy head of the Secure Telecommunications Networks Subdirectorate. In 2006, he joins the Ministry of Justice as deputy CIO, and is promoted as CIO in 2014, thus overseeing a wide range of IT projects for courts and correctional facilities.
He returns to the General Secretariat for Defence and National Security in October 2017 as head of the Secure Information Systems Department of the ANSSI.


Yves Verhoeven, Head of Department, External Relations and Coordination.

Portrait Yves VerhoevenA graduate of the École Normale Supérieure, PhD in computer science, Yves Verhoeven is Chief Engineer of the Corps des Mines. After beginning his career in 2005 in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, he joined the General Secretary for National Defence in 2007 and the ANSSI in 2009. He was successively researcher, project manager, chief information security officer, program officer, Head of International Relations and digital advisor to the Executive Director. Yves Verhoeven thus covered a wide range of activities in connection with the security of digital and cyber defense. He holds the post of Head of Department for External Relations and Coordination since January 2016.