France is welcoming the 2018 edition of the European cybersecurity month!

For this edition, the French government is yet again launching an ambitious awareness campaign, side by side with a dozen institutional partners: national authorities, associations, professional organizations. Events, cyber awareness kit, videos as well as an original collection of comic strips, find all the activities organized in France this year around the same moto: Cybersecurity is a shared responsibility!

Over the last six months, ANSSI, the national authority on cybersecurity and cyberdefence, is working with French institutional stakeholders involved in the campaign (ministers, national authorities, associations) to set up an ambitious program all over France around the four themes:

  • Week 1: Oct. 1-5
    Practice Basic Cyber Hygiene : The theme seeks to assist the public in establishing and maintaining daily routines, checks and general behaviour required to stay safe online.
  • Week 2: Oct. 8-12
    Expand your Digital Skills and Education : Transform your skills and security know how with the latest technologies.
  • Week 3: Oct. 15-19
    Recognize Cyber Scams : The theme aims to educate the general public on how to identify deceiving content in order to keep both themselves and their finances safe online.
  • Week 4: Oct. 22-26
    Emerging Technologies and Privacy Stay tech wise and safe with the latest emerging technologies..

The French involvement echoes the common plea directed to citizen to take actions, seizing the cybersecurity issues and applying the best practices to protect their digital life. French Secretary of States for digital Affairs, M. Mounir Mahjoubi joined his counterparts to broadcast Europe wide this message in a video released on October 1st: “European Cyber Security Month 2018 – Cyber Security is a Shared Responsibility”
This kick off videos will be followed by many activities taken place in Europe for the citizens, the companies, the administrations and the students.
Let’s have a look on the French agenda!

A common goals: to share good practices with the citizens

To reach this goal, the ESCM national partners pooled their resources together to help advices and good practices gain in visibility. Guides, videos, infographics, serious games and MOOC: all these tools are precious for companies to inform their employees about basic cyber hygiene rules, and for everyone to be more aware of fraud, using phishing attacks and so on.
This year, ANSSI works with a cartoonist, FiX, to illustrate amusing stories staring a regular web user while realizing he/she made a mistake online.

ECSM 2018 - Affiche de la campagne dessinée

• Yes I clicked on the link … but not for long !

On the web and in the media, the awareness campaign will focus on all these valuable material, elaborated by experts.
Find all the existing materials.

A month full of events

October is not the only time of the year the stakeholders are raising awareness and providing good advices. On the contrary, conferences and workshops are organized all year long to discuss cybersecurity issues such as the implementation of the GDPR, the risks of cybercrimes looming over the companies, the crucial necessity to inform and educate the young generations as well as the employees about cyber risks and good practices.

However, the European cybersecurity month is a great opportunity to put into lights the kind of events that exist during the year, as well as the national and local actors who are taking part in it such as the Chamber of Commerce and Industry, the ministry, ANSSI’s experts, etc.
Find the 2018 calendar.

Take action !

The common plea is also to implicate the citizen in the campaign, asking them to share the messages to their audiences on social media, using national hashtag #TousSecNum as well as the European #ECSM .
They can also use banners created for this occasion on their social networks and website, using this communication kit.

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