23 September 2019

Created in 2011 to address operational needs of incident responders at ANSSI, DFIR ORC is a modular framework to collect forensic artefacts on machines running a Microsoft Windows operating system.

Supply chain attacks – Threats targeting service providers and design offices

7 October 2019

CERT-FR publishes a new analysis report to alert of a cyber threat whose modus operandi specifically targets service providers and design offices for spying purposes. Information provided in this report is based on ANSSI’s investigations following incident response activities. This document is widely shared by ANSSI in order to enable interested parties to protect themselves from this type of security incident and to benefit the "Cyber Threat Intelligence" community.

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The ANSSI and the Bundesamt für Sicherheit in der Informationstechnik (bsi) present the second edition of the “Common situational picture”

21 May 2019

The “Common situational picture” (CSP) is a joint report that aims to demonstrate ANSSI’s and BSI’s willingness to improve their common communication and face together the growing challenges, which occur in a more digitalized and connected world. Following the first joint report produced in 2018, this year‘s second edition of the CSP picks up the […]

Configuration recommendations of a gnu/linux system

22 February 2019

GNU/Linux distributions are highly heterogeneou, the control of the system platform is a complex task; expertise becomes really necessary as the number of services and servers increases. However, some hardening measures can be implemented based on the expected security level, which will depend on the sensitivity of the data handled or hosted by the system […]

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