28 August 2023

To help measure cyber crisis preparedness, ANSSI shares a self-assessment tool. This tool is based on the "Cyber Crisis Management" collection. It allows each organisation to assess its level of preparedness for cyber crises on different topics and provides recommendations for improvement.

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Follow up position paper on Post-Quantum Cryptography

18 September 2023

Follow up position paper_on_post quantum cryptography The impact of a potential large scale quantum computer on our current digital infrastructures has been discussed in ANSSI 2022’s position paper [1]. While the quantum threat did not undergo any game-changing advance since the publication of [1], post-quantum cryptography, PQC for short, is becoming more and more a […]

Anticipating and managing your cyber crisis communication

17 May 2022

In the face of an attack, the technical nature of a cyber crisis can destabilise even the most experienced communicators, dealing with features, challenges and ecosystems that are sometimes very far removed from their core business activity. Focussing on the particular characteristics of a cyber attack, this guide aims to show that good cyber crisis […]

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