A look back at the highlights of Cybermoi/s 2019

Many highlights took place during this month: awareness-raising events, the 2019 European CyberSecurity Challenge (ECSC), a drawing gallery, a toolbox, etc. October was a very productive month, thanks to the strong commitment of partners and the community. As this edition comes to an end, ANSSI offers a review of the keys of this month of October, which made the success and significant scope of this Cybermoi/s.

Training experts is good, but training citizens it is way better! For many years now, the ECSM campaign grows so as to increasingly raise awareness among citizens for our collective welfare. As more and more partners are getting involved, the events are more diversified and tools are developed to reach as many people as possible. In consequence, digital security is more than never a society issue that gains in visibility.

ANSSI thanks partners involved in digital security and all Cybermoi/s participants.

Indeed, they were involved throughout October by relaying externally, but also internally within their teams or companies. They became themselves actors for #Cybermois.

ECSM 2019

Cybermois 2019 is…


Throughout October, 92 events took place in France, organized by actors involved in Cybermoi/s.

Afterwork, workshops, conferences, mornings, etc. all these events allowed a better understanding of digital security issues and gave participants the opportunity to take action to effectively secure their personal and professional digital lives.

Cybermoi/s 2019 - Dessin Fix

… fun

The FIX cartoonist (@fixdessinateur) has once again lent his pen to create a gallery of drawings, Strip, videos, etc. giving life to the advice of experts. All these visuals made it possible to animate the month of October in a fun way

… action(s)

Many resources have been made available by ANSSI and its partners, such as illustrations, videos, communication kit, files, etc.

These resources will continue to be available year-round to raise awareness of digital security issues.

… the European Cybersecurity Challenge (ECSC) 2019

ECSC - Logo Tean France

Congratulations to #TEAMFR who defended themselves well during #ECSC2019, which took place from October 8 to 12, 2019 in Bucharest.

See you next year in Austria for #ECSC2020! #TEAMFRANCE will be ready to take up the challenge.

… a success story

Finally, Cybermoi/s was a success!

ANSSI hopes that this has been an opportunity for you to take care of your digital security and to acquire “good practices” to apply throughout the year.

You can find all the content and resources available online

Then, a study will be launched among the French, to collect feedback and opinions, in order to take them into consideration for the Cybermois of October 2020.

Preparing the 2020 edition with a study

To prepare for the 2020 edition, the partners of European cybersecurity month are launching a research study in the coming weeks with an institute. The objective is to understand the knowledge and perception that citizens may have about cybersecurity issues.

What attitude can one have towards good practices? What motivation can one have to change one’s habits? What do we mean when we speak about “cyber security”, “information systems security” or “computer attack”? By exploring terminology and vocabulary in particular, this study will allow us to better shape our information and awareness-raising efforts in the future.

The results will be shared in 2020 !