ANSSI Annual Review 2022

A year marked by the Russian-Ukrainian conflict and its effects in cyberspace. A year also marked by an ambitious cyber sequence within the framework of the French Presidency of the Council of the European Union (PFUE) which led to the adoption of the NIS 2 directive. Finally, a year marked by the deepening of France’s strategic doctrine on cybersecurity.

To ensure a top-notch cyber resilience, the National Strategic Review reaffirmed this summer the strengths of the French cyber defense model and proposed its deepening through a greater cooperation between private and public actors, increased public awareness and renovation of the victim assistance system. Such is the ambition of the agency for these next
years, an ambition that takes on its full meaning in the light of national and international events which ANSSI is confronted with on a daily basis.

Espionage, computer sabotage and ransomware are threats to which, every day, in France, businesses and public institutions are subjected. To protect the Nation from cyberattacks and strengthen the level of cybersecurity, the agency must therefore multiply its action. A mission which requires us collectively and which can be declined in several actions detailed in this 2022 annual review, from the launch of the incubation program of regional CSIRTs in February to that of MonServiceSécurisé (MySecuredService) in December. A full mission, varied, which requires agility, competence and openness.

Finally, to finish on a more personal note: having taken my duties as Director-General in January 2023, I wanted to salute the work accomplished by the ANSSI teams again this year. I’ve known, from the beginning, that I could count on their commitment to meet the many challenges ahead of us.

Vincent Strubel
Director-General of ANSSI

Vincent Strubel - © Patrick Gaillardin
Vincent Strubel – © Patrick Gaillardin
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