ANSSI, ready for the 2016 European cybersecurity month (ESCM)

Along with its national and European partners, ANSSI will participate actively in the EU's annual advocacy campaign in October so as to raise awareness on digital security related issues and to promote good practices to every users for their daily activities online.

20160929_flyer_anssi_eben_281x399As the national authority on cybersecurity in France, one of the ANSSI’s missions is to inform its various audiences about the risks of cyberattacks and to provide them with advices and recommendations so as to face them. Participating in the European cybersecurity month (ECSM) is therefore a great opportunity to put into light the daily actions of ANSSI’s experts aiming at private companies, administrations and private users.

How ? ANSSI has registered many activities on the ESCM official plateform ( : conferences, exhibits, student fair… Adding to the events, the agency will provide advices throughout the month of october on its social networks. Follow us daily on twitter : @anssi_fr, #CyberSecMonth, #TousSecNum…

Defining a collective answer to a common threats in France and in Europe

Whether it is at the national or the international level, cooperation is the key to protect successfully our connected society against current cyberthreats.

For this reason, other French institutional actors are mobilized in October to raise awareness among their own public : the CNIL, schools, French administrations…

On the European level, a constant dialogue will be sustained during the month amongst the participants – whether they are other countries or European Institutions like ENISA. Common themes have been elaborated for each week so as to give possible common guidelines : security in banking, cybersafety, cybersecurity training and mobile malware.

To know more about the French activities for ESCM :