ANSSI reinforces its involvement within the European Public-Private Partnership on Cybersecurity

On 7 October 2016, ANSSI, represented by its General Director Guillaume Poupard, has been elected for one year as vice-chair of the Board of ECSO (European Organisation for CyberSecurity), the European association created in June 2016 as part of the launch of the public-private partnership on cybersecurity (PPP).

As reaffimed by Guillaume Poupard, this election confirms the importance of the involvement of national public authorities within this public-private partnership.
ECSO is having an intense agenda for the year to come, as it will: – propose strategic orientations for the 450 million euros coming from the EU Research and Innovation programme H2020, on cybersecurity research and innovation projects ; – work on how to facilitate the emergence of a genuine European single market for the European cybersecurity industry.


The vision of ANSSI for the PPP

Guillaume Poupard stated that this PPP should “contribute to strengthen Europe’s strategic autonomy in the digital security industry”, contributing to the fifth goal of the French national digital security Strategy


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