ANSSI’S TOUR IN SINGAPORE: strengthening strategic international partnerships

ANSSI is dedicated to strengthen its alliances and partnerships abroad and promote the French of cybersecurity and cyberdefence. While in Singapore for its International Cyber Week (SICW), Mr. Guillaume Poupard, general director of ANSSI, will meet with his international partners to address cybersecurity challenges that require cooperation among all to build a safe and trusted cyberspace.

For the third time, France will be at SICW organized by the Cyber Security Agency (CSA) of Singapore from Oct. 1st to Oct. 3rd. This event brings together Heads of State and Government to discuss cybersecurity issues.

A French expertise and ambition to share

Mr. Henri Verdier, will share France’s vision on digital innovation, Internet governance and cybersecurity during the opening plenary session.

Mr. Guillaume Poupard will deliver a keynote speech at the International Common Criteria Conference (ICCC), organized as a side event of the SICW, which gathers the certification community (authorities, evaluation centers, industry) for its 18th edition. Mr. Poupard will present the cybersecurity Act, a European regulation adopted in 2019 and defines a cybersecurity certification framework to ensure mutual recognition of certificates within the EU.

Strengthening international cooperation

While in Singapore, ANSSI will also meet with its international partners to discuss cybersecurity challenges in an increasingly complex cyberspace.

The French representatives will engage with several Asian delegations to discuss the implementation of the roadmap adopted in July 2018 on strengthening digital innovation, Internet governance and cybersecurity but also the Paris call for cyberspace trust and security, launched in November 2018. This call aims at reinforcing the international cooperation and invites States, private sector and civil society to commit to a more stable cyberspace.
An initiative that can be followed at a multilateral level between the Eureopean Union and ASEAN.

Finally, the delegation will meet with French companies settled in Singapore to share insights on cybersecury and digital innovation.