Be part of ANSSI’s new « Guide to develop secure applications with Rust »

Rust is an open source programming language which combines security, modernity and performance. As well, it is gradually being adopted in a large number of projects. To support developers, ANSSI offers a new "Guide to develop secure applications with Rust". This guide is intended to be a living document and it’s open to all contributions from the community. The object of this document is to provide hints and recommendations for secure applications development using the Rust programming language, that allow users to benefits of the good level of trust the Rust language already provides.

Created in 2006, Rust is a free programming language that has gradually brought together a community of users involved in its use and development.

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Thanks to this collaborative experience, many projects are now taking advantage of Rust’s qualities. This language focuses on security without compromising performance in the development of any type of application.

The Guide to Develop Secure Applications with Rust

To support all developers in their use of Rust language, ANSSI offers a new “guide to develop secure applications with Rust”.

The guide intents to group recommendations that should be applied for application development with strong security level requirements. The aim with the structure of this document is to consider separately different phases of a typical and simplified development process.

ANSSI invites you to become the actors of this open, interactive and evolving project

This initiative is also collaborative, to benefit from the expertise developed by the community over the past several years. ANSSI calls on all contributors to be part of the development of this guide, which is now published in a “Beta” version.

Each user will be able to participate with our teams in the development of this new resource, made available on GitHub.

Once these contributions have been discussed and integrated, the finalized and formatted document will join the collection of best practices guides proposed on ANSSI’s website.

However, this first version will remain open for comments, in order to adapt these practical recommendations to the next developments that may mark the future of Rust language.

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