Raising awareness on cybersecurity through cartoons

As part of the European cybersecurity month (ECSM), France chose to use humor and art as a way to raise awareness about cybersecurity.

Though cybersecurity is now a matter of major importance for companies and authorities, the topic has yet to become an issue of concern for European citizens. For years, the subject was addressed exclusively among narrow circles of specialists. Our challenge is now to find the way to open it to as many as possible.


That is the collective goal that European partners set for the ECSM. To try and reach such a wide audience, ANSSI decided to engage in a partnership with the press cartoonist Fix to appeal to situations that most people can face on a daily basis. Connected toys, smartphones, online games, emailing… For the duration of the campaign, 15 drawings will be published on social media to illustrate humorous situations in which anyone can find him or herself. For each situation, ANSSI and its partners will provide advices and good practices to avoid falling into the trap in the future: how to choose a strong password, why is it important to save your files and update your software, and so on.


For over six months, ANSSI has been collaborating with a dozen institutional partners (ministers, national authorities and non profits organizations) to prepare the French campaign. This method has proved to be effective: as more organizations are involved in the success of the campaign, the French government can count on a wider community to raise global awareness on cybersecurity.

Translated versions of the illustrations are now available so that all European partners of the ECSM can share them through their English-speaking networks under some conditions: the cartoons can only be relayed unaltered and as part of the ECSM campaign. Stay tuned!


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