Sharing the French approach to Critical Infrastructure Protection at CyberGov 2016 (Warsaw)

ANSSI has been invited to Poland in order to share its experience of cybersecurity and more specifically to give its feedback on the French approach to Critical Infrastructure Protection (CIP).

This second edition of the CyberGov forum in Warsaw, co-sponsored by the Polish Ministry of Digital Affairs, will be held on May 17, 2016 and focus on the impact of the Network and Information Security (NIS) Directive on the Polish legislation and organization.

The ANSSI intervention will present the various steps of the French Critical Information Infrastructure Protection (CIIP) framework construction, based on a strong cooperation with critical infrastructures owners and operators, and the provisions of the military programming law (LPM) to enhance the cybersecurity of critical operators, namely :

  • ANSSI can set technical and organisational rules ;

  • ANSSI shall be notified of incidents occurring on critical systems ;

  • ANSSI can trigger security inspections ;

  • ANSSI can impose measures in case of major crises.

This fits into the French national strategy for digital security, specifying that France desires to contribute to the global stability of cyberspace. Indeed, in order to contribute to a reliable and sustainable roll-out of digital technologies in all countries, France is willing to cooperate with countries that would like to increase the resilience and security information system relating to critical infrastructures.