The French national digital security strategy: meeting the security challenges of the digital world

The French national digital security strategy, announced October 16th, 2015 by French Prime Minister Manuel Valls, is designed to support the digital transition of French society. It is also an unprecedented impulse that places France as a leader in promoting a road map for European digital strategic autonomy.

This strategy, led by ANSSI, is the result of coordinated interdepartmental efforts to respond to emerging issues of the digital age.

The digital transition favours innovation and growth, yet it simultaneously carries risks for the State, economic stakeholders and citizens. Cybercrime, espionage, propaganda, sabotage and excessive exploitation of personal data threaten digital trust and security, thus calling for a collective and coordinated response based on five strategic priorities:

  • Fundamental interests, defence and security of State information systems and critical infrastructures, essential operators to the economy and society, major cybersecurity crisis
  • Digital trust, privacy, personal data, cybermalevolence
  • Awareness raising, initial training, continuing education
  • Environment of digital technology businesses, industrial policy, export and internationalisation
  • Europe, digital strategic autonomy, cyberspace stability

By reinforcing digital security, we favour the development of a cyberspace that provides a sustainable source of growth and opportunities for French companies, thus asserting our democratic values and safeguarding our citizens’ digital lives and personal data.”
Manuel Valls, Prime Minister of France

Besides national issues, France is also committed to its European and international partners to contribute to the overall stability of cyberspace and strengthening of the worldwide digital security.


French national digital security strategy

Französische Nationale Strategie für die Digitale Sicherheit

Estrategia Nacional Francesa para la seguridad del ambito digital