Our audiences and our activities

Prevention, defence and awareness-raising: ANSSI's core areas of endeavour for the benefit of all users.

ANSSI is the national authority in the area of cyberdefence and network and information security (NIS). To fulfil its missions, ANSSI deploys a broad range of regulatory and operational activities, from issuing regulations and verifying their application, to monitoring, alert and rapid response – particularly on government networks.

ANSSI annual report 2018

Annual Report – 2018

For ANSSI, 2018 was year of change, marked more by the strengthening of its position than by the intensity of its operations. By changing its internal organization and by putting it to the test, the agency has consistently adapted the perimeters of its field of action. By defending France’s position on the topic discussed by the European and international community, it has asserted its experience and expertise.
Lastly, by keeping ahead of trends, it has carried a large community of stakeholders who now more than ever must tackle the challenges posed by digital security.

ANSSI – Annual Report 2018



What we seek to promote

ANSSI provides its expertise and technical assistance to government departments and businesses and plays an enhanced role in supporting operators of vital importance.
It is responsible for promoting national technologies, trustworthy products and services, systems and know-how both to experts and to the general public. It therefore plays a role in developing trust in the use of digital technologies.


Our audiences

Our activities are targeted at government departments and public services, businesses of all sizes and for some of them, at individuals. Operators of vital importance are a strategic audience for whom ANSSI develops specific services.


Types of activities we carry out

Reacting to the cyber threat
ANSSI provides a monitoring, detection, alert and response capability through its detection centre, entrusted with the constant monitoring of sensitive networks and the implementation of defence mechanisms tailored to of the various kinds of attacks.

Supporting product and services development
In order to prevent threats, ANSSI plays a role in the specification and development of an very high-grade product offer for government use and trusted products and services for government departments and civil society use.

Providing information and advice
Knowing and anticipating the cyber threat and sharing our knowledge with national actors, government authorities, industry and citizens ;
Playing a consulting and support role for government departments and operators of vital importance.

Defining and implementing training policy, providing training to government personnel (hyperlink to training centre)

Overseeing issuance of, or issuing, on behalf of the Prime Minister, security accreditation (certification and qualification) for trusted products and service providers.


For further information on these activities, please contact ANSSI directly via the following web page.

ANSSI is not responsible for cybercrime prevention. This is the responsibility of the Central Cybercrime Prevention Office (OCLCTIC)

For all cybercrime-related questions, please consult this page and contact the Ministry of the Interior.