What we do

Prevention, defence and awareness-raising: ANSSI's core areas of endeavour for the benefit of the whole ecosystem.

To fulfil its missions, ANSSI deploys a broad range of regulatory and operational activities, from issuing regulations and verifying their application, to monitoring alert and rapid response – particularly on government networks.

In particular, ANSSI:

  • understands and responds to cyber threats.
  • supports products development for gouvernmental use.
  • provides information and advice.
  • assists public administrations, public services and businesses (operators of vital importance).
  • contributes to educate and to raise citizens’ awareness of digital risks.
  • oversees or issues security visas for trusted products and service providers.

For further information on these activities, please contact ANSSI directly via the following web page.

ANSSI is not responsible for cybercrime prevention. This is the responsibility of the Central Cybercrime Prevention Office (OCLCTIC) (website only in French).

For all cybercrime-related questions, please consult this page and contact the Ministry of the Interior (website only in French).