A word from the Director General

Cybersecurity is a fascinating and highly scientific field spanning a range of disciplines and involving a wealth of organisations and actors, from both the public sector and the business world, within France and internationally.

It is also a subject that shakes up political, diplomatic, economic and military conventions. Cybersecurity is viewed by France as a national priority and one that now concerns each and every one of its citizens.

The formidable applications made possible by digital technologies are only sustainable if they are trusted by their users. Cybersecurity must be systematically integrated into society, if we are to build a society capable of withstanding increasing risks and of facing skilled actors using increasingly sophisticated attack techniques. The role of the National Cybersecurity Agency of France is to foster a coordinated, ambitious, pro-active response to cybersecurity issues in France.

In addition to ensuring the smooth running of everyday life and the availability of the applications that have become intricated with our lives, there is also an economic aspect at stake. It is now vital for businesses to protect themselves from cyber-attacks, in order to safeguard skills, know-how and competitive advantage – in short competitiveness, and by extension jobs. The cybersecurity imperative concerns the IT park in its entirety, from the development of office systems to the design of industrial systems integrated into the production chain. This website explains how ANSSI supports businesses in ways that are tailored to their respective profiles, through the provision of guidance and through industrial policy and regulation, in order to provide security products and trustworthy services.

What is at stake for France is its ability to preserve our sovereignty, independence of decision-making and autonomy of action in the political, diplomatic and military spheres and that to protect our critical infrastructures. The rapid technological development associated with the systematic integration of increasingly complex and inter-connected IT resources render France’s most sensitive systems both far more efficient and far more vulnerable.

The critical importance of sovereignty makes it necessary for France to possess scientific, technical and operational skills, as well as industrial capacities in order to position itself among the top-tier nations that are capable of fully ensuring their own cybersecurity. This website provides examples of these skills and capabilities.

Finally, there is a need to protect individuals through the development of awareness-raising actions and training that is adapted to the uses of each individual in a world in which cybercrime is greatly increasing and in which it is increasingly difficult to protect personal data.

Whether you work in a government department or a business, or are a private individual, the aim of this site is to answer your cybersecurity questions and share targeted, accessible information with you.

Enjoy your visit.